2023-2024 College Catalog 
    Apr 13, 2024  
2023-2024 College Catalog

Associate Degree Nursing, Paramedic to ADN Semester-By-Semester Plan

Paramedic to ADN Transition is designed for the Paramedic to complete the ADN program. All general education courses listed are prerequisites to NUR 215 . In addition, BIO 275  and PSY 241  are prerequisites to NUR 215 . After provisional acceptance into the Paramedic to ADN Program, and upon successful completion of NUR 215  Paramedic/RN Bridge Concepts course, credit will be given for NUR 111, NUR 112, NUR 114, NUR 117, and NUR 211 (25 SHC). A copy of the current unrestricted National and NC certification to practice in NC must be on file in the Registrar’s Office. After successful completion of NUR 215 , the student in A45110PB will transition to A45110 major.

Math - An applicant must have completed one of the following before receiving the applicant packet:

An unweighted high school GPA of 2.8 or higher from a College Prep Curriculum valid within 10 years.  If this is not met, one of the following options, within 10 years, will satisfy the math requirement: Qualifying placement scores; A grade of “P” for DMA 010-080; A grade of “C” or higher for MAT 080 OR RISE placement if outside the 10 year high school timeframe and must demonstrate mastery of Units 1-12 (Tier 2) or will be required to complete the transition course until mastery in Unit 12 (Tier 2) is met. 

Students who do not satisfy the high school GPA or RISE placement requirements, must attend the transition course, MAT 003 , until mastery is achieved through Unit 12 (Tier 2).

Students who have completed a college approved Math course such as MAT 122 , MAT 141, MAT 151, MAT 152, MAT 161, MAT 171 , or MAT 263  with a “C” or better may meet the math requirement.

General Education requirements prior to submitting an application to the Paramedic to ADN program

Additional Information:

This program requires a 2.2 or greater high school GPA from a College Prep Curriculum valid within 10 years, or a placement test demonstrating placement into college-ready English 111 and math.  If either of these requirements is not met, the student will be placed into Associate in General Education – First Year (A10300-FY).  *See the A10300FY – Associate in General Education-First Year Program page for more information.

All Health Sciences and Nursing students must have grades of “A,” “B,” “C,” or “SA” on all applicable course work to progress each semester and graduate from the program.

Please note that this is a possible semester-by-semester course of study. Any transition courses such as Math and English that are necessary for student placement could extend the time needed for completion. In such cases, graduation may be extended by one or more semester(s). Other delays might be experienced in regard to the timelines of various course offerings.